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A Hill In Korea (DVD) -

A Hill In Korea DVD

A HILL IN KOREA, aka Hell in Korea, was the first major feature film to portray British troops in action during the Korean War. Based on real events, it follows the fortunes of a small fighting patrol composed mostly of National Servicemen in what starts out as a routine sweep through a quiet village. As the British troops move out, they find themselves cut off from their own lines by a huge force of Chinese soldiers. The patrol attempts to break out, but the enemy seems to be everywhere. Faced with the prospect of either capture or certain death, the survivors make their last stand in a deserted temple where they will fight to the last bullet. Hard-hitting, realistic and action-packed, this classic British war film features a host of star names including George Baker, Stanley Baker, Harry Andrews, Michael Medwin and Robert Shaw - and introducing Michael Caine in his first film role.

United Kingdom, 1956, B&W, 69 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

A Hill In Korea (DVD)

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