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Tiger - Heavy Tank Panzer VI DVD -

Tiger - Heavy Tank Panzer Vi DVD

There can be few people who have never heard of the Tiger Tank – indeed, it has come to be seen as one of the most potent symbols of German military power in the Second World War.

First committed to combat on the Eastern front in 1942, the Tiger and its more formidable successor – the Tiger II, ‘KingTiger' – had, by the time of the defeat of Nazi Germany, generated an awesome reputation that far belied the very small production run of less than 2000 built.The history of this legendary tank is told with particular emphasis placed on combat footage of the Tiger in action, as well as footage of the Ferdinand/Elefant on the Eastern front and the Sturmtiger in action in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

United Kingdom, B&W/Color, 2006, 58 minutes

[DVD] NTSC Region 1 encoding (US and Canada Only)

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Tiger - Heavy Tank Panzer VI DVD

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