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Frank Capra's Why We Fight DVD -

Frank Capra's Why We Fight (DVD)

Two DVD Disc Set!

In December 1941, a hestitant America was forced into World War II by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This award winning series, created by legendary director Frank Capra, was sponsored by the U.S. Government to help explain its "official war policy." These films were required viewing for the armed forces and were also widely shown in civilian theaters. Considered classic examples of wartime propaganda, they feature masterful editing, classical music and skillful narration all blended together to hammer home their patriotic message. DISC 1 PRELUDE TO WAR: This program describes the events leading up to World War II. It shows the development of fascism in Italy, Germany and Japan, along with the beginning of Japanese aggression in China. (51:35) THE NAZIS STRIKE: In this program, Hitler's rise to power and preparations for war are shown along with Germany's bloodless conquest of Austria and Czechoslovakia. When the blitzkrieg rolls into Poland, the curtains rises on World War II in Europe. (40:20) DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Portrayed are the invasions of Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France. As the British Army is evacuated, Hitler prepares for the invasion of England. (56:00) THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN: Watch the heroic defense of England's cities by the Royal Air Force during the blitz. Hitler's Luftwaffe is defeated and the Germans turned back for the first time during the war. (51:30) DISC 2 THE BATTLE OF RUSSIA: In this program, the history of Russia is reviewed. Its valiant defense against the Nazi invasion is shown climaxing at Stalingrad with Germany's humiliating defeat. (1:16:00) THE BATTLE OF CHINA: This program describes China's history, culture and people. Japan's plans for world conquest and her aggression against the peaceful giant are also detailed along with the Chinese determination to resist. (1:02:10) WAR COMES TO AMERICA: This program shows American history from colonial days to the outbreak of the war at Pearl Harbor. The Last film of the series, it is still considered one the best visual histories of the United States ever made. (1:04:20) USA, 2005, B&W, Total Running Time 6.75 hours, 2 DVD Disc Set (Two DVD-9's)

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Frank Capra's Why We Fight DVD
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