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The Battle Of Mortimer's Cross DVD -

The Battle Of Mortimer's Cross DVD

The Battle Of Mortimer's Cross (The Sun in Splendour) On February 2, 1461 - just weeks after his father and brother had been executed - 19 year-old Edward Mortimer (soon to become King Edward the Fourth) led his Yorkist forces to victory over an invading Lancastrian army of superior size in the Battle of Mortimers Cross. When British medieval-combat reenactment groups re-created this historic event on its original location in Herefordshire's beautiful rolling hills, director Richard Weaver used the occasion to make a film that captures the atmosphere, spirit, and strategy of medieval warfare.

England, 1987, Color, 80 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World).

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

The Battle Of Mortimer's Cross DVD

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