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The Thunderbirds (Vietnam War) (VHS Tape) -

The Thunderbirds
(Vietnam War)

Spectacular highlights of the famous Thunderbirds flying various aircraft, from the 4 -84G through the 44-E. USA, 1975, Color, 6 minutes. Plus: SUPERSONIC THUNDERBIRDS: The famous jet aerobats in action, flying super sabres through breathtaking maneuvers including power climbs, cloverleaf turns, intricate loops with overlapping wing tips, tight 360-degree turns and the spectacular Bomb Burst. USA, 1959, Color, 14 minutes. Plus: CROSSOVER: A documentary of the famous Thunderbirds on a goodwill tour of south America, thrilling thousands of spectators with spectacular aerial demonstrations. USA, 1963, Color, 15 minutes. All three films on one videocassette, total running time 35 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

The Thunderbirds (Vietnam War) (VHS Tape)
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