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Hans-Joachim Marseille (Luftwaffe) DVD -

Hans-Joachim Marseille (Luftwaffe) (DVD)

Hans-Joachim Marseille (Luftwaffe) DVD / Alternate View - click to enlargeThe story of one of the greatest fighter pilots of all time - the legendary star of Africa' who made his name flying with the Luftwaffe in the North African campaign before dying over El Alamein. Unique, hitherto unavailable film footage and exclusive interviews from Marseille's commanding officer and survivors from his squadron combine to create an unforgettable portrait of the ace.

Germany, 1997, B&W/Color, 47 minutes, English narration.

See also The Star Of Africa.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Not Available - On Moratorium

Hans-Joachim Marseille (Luftwaffe) DVD

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