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Fight For The River (WWI) DVD -

Fight For The River (WWI)

Fight For The River (WWI) DVD / Alternate View - click to enlargeIn WW1 a million casualties were inflicted on this 200 mile front, ranging from the Mediterranean summer heat to the Arctic cold of the Alpine peaks, which made this one of the bloodiest battlefields of the world.

It was fought over the river Isonzo which became synonymous with massacre, fear and despair for the soldiers of 13 nations. The never before seen footage in this video was suppressed by both the Italian and Yugoslav governments to protect their version of history. Only now can the story be told of this Italian disaster, with Serbs fighting on the Allied side against all other Yugoslav peoples.

Eleven major Italian offensives failed to break the Austro-Hungarian defenses and this is the story of massive allied failure against a background of huge undisclosed casualties. For the soldiers it was a war of endurance, artillery, mortar attack, poison gas, machine guns, avalanches and rats.

It was here that Ernest Hemingway fell in love with a hospital nurse and wrote Farewell to Arms. It was here too that both Rommel and Mussolini served their military apprenticeship.

Slovenia, 1996, B&W/Color, 48 minutes, English narration.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Fight For The River (WWI) DVD

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