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The Third Reich In Color- Part 2 (The Sequel) -

The Third Reich In Color- Part 2 (The Sequel)

The Third Reich In Color- Part 2 (The Sequel) / Alternate View - click to enlargeThis sequel to IHF's acclaimed Third Reich in Color Part 1 features more remarkable color footage, masterfully assembled to provide a sweeping account of Hitler's Germany and World War II. The revelations here include vivid combat sequences from The Spanish Civil War, Invasion of Norway, Operation Barbarossa, Northern Africa, The War in the Pacific, and The Invasion of Normandy. Particularly revealing film sequences from The Wars final chapters: The Wehrmacht in Retreat, Soviet Soldiers in Berlin, Hermann Goering in Allied Captivity, and Soviet Victory Parade in Moscow. Sequences from two UFA color propaganda feature films are also included: "Artillery Strikes" (1940) and "Alert At The Pass" (1943) featuring German Mountain Troops in the Caucasus. These and more are presented uncensored, unrehearsed and with color's startling realism.

Germany, 2001, Color, 100 minutes, English commentary

See also Third Reich In Color (DVD) and Third Reich In Color & Part 2: The Sequel (DVD): K53 Special Savings Offer.

[DVD] NTSC Region 1 encoding (USA and CANADA ONLY) Not Available - On Moratorium

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