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Harrier (Vertical Take Off) (VHS Tape) -

(Vertical Take Off)

Air power at its most awesome--perhaps the most advanced warplane in the world--is Great Britain's Harrier. With its unique vertical take-off ability from an airstrip no larger than a tennis court. The Harrier will possess unique strategic significance in future warfare. The jet of the Falklands campaign, now also in USMC service, is seen taking off, landing, maneuvering, firing weapons and under construction. Pilot training with Britain's versatile Hawk shows the molding of the men who fly the Harrier. Breathtaking air shows vividly depict the RAF aerobatic team Red Arrows performing aviation stunts surpassing even the Blue Angels in precision and danger. A comprehensive, thrilling feature of a new dimension to military aviation--the men of the RAF and their Harrier. United Kingdom, 1984, Color, 45 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

Harrier (Vertical Take Off) (VHS Tape)
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