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The Anderson Platoon (Vietnam War) (VHS Tape) -

The Anderson Platoon
(Vietnam War)

America's tragic Vietnam War, as experienced by regular infantrymen of the US Army. Combat operations, interrogations, off-duty visits to a Vietnamese city and everyday life at the front, frame a front story of comradeship and survival in a ravaged land. Pierre Schoendorffer, a veteran of France's Indochina war against Ho Chi Minh's guerrillas, spent six weeks with this single American platoon to make his riveting film record. He offers a brutally-realistic, uncomplicated statement of the protracted struggle that so profoundly influenced not only US Servicemen who fought there, but the American people as well. USA, 1966, B&W, 62 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC

The Anderson Platoon (Vietnam War) (VHS Tape)

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