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Combat Bulletin Number 4 (The fight for Bloody Gulch) (VHS Tape) -

Combat Bulletin Number 4
(The fight for Bloody Gulch)

1. Chinese civilians are evacuated from Kweilin Liuchow by rail and sampan. US bombing raids stall a Japanese advance on Kweilin. Chinese forces build defenses for a last-ditch stand. General Joseph Stilwell consults with American and Chinese leaders at Kweilin. Chinese coolies aid in the demolition of the Kweilin airstrip by planting thousand-pound bombs along its runways. American demolition crews burn 550 buildings at the Kweilin airfield. Chinese troops demolish a bridge leading into Kweilin. 2. Supplies for the American 1st Army are unloaded from rail cars by civilian workers near Liege, Belgium. An American depot company operates a railway junction. Army engineers repair bridges new Pimster, Belgium. 3. Allies near the Po Valley: The 5th Army's advance is slowed down by a washed-out Bailey bridge at the Secchia River. A US field-artillery unit improvises a ferry to carry ammunition across the Saterno River. An Allied convoy moves through the mountainous terrain of the Gothic Line sector. A chemical company screens the movement of an Allied convoy. 4. American engineers rebuild a bombed-out Japanese airbase on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The 7th USAF Bomber Command maintains a weather center at Kwajalein. US personnel load bombs onto Liberators. 5. Invasion of Anguar: Elements of the 5th Fleet neutralize Japanese positions on Anguar with naval artillery. The 81st Infantry Division is the first to hit the beach September 17th. Flamethrowing units ferret out entrenched Japanese. A beachhead is established and supplies and heavy equipment are unloaded. The fight for Bloody Gulch. Obstructions are cleared for advancing armor and artillery. Infantry clean-up. A wounded man of the 81st is rescued under fire. The final phase of the invasion brings mortar and machine-gun action. The remains of a blown-up phosphate plant on Anguar. USA, 1944, B&W, 25 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

Combat Bulletin Number 4 (The fight for Bloody Gulch) (VHS Tape)
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