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Combat Bulletin Number 5 (Battle of Aachen) (VHS Tape) -

Combat Bulletin Number 5
(Battle of Aachen)

1. The 81st Infantry and 1st Marine Divisions probe the Peleliu jungles for Japanese September 26th. The 1st Marine Division engages the Japanese at Bloody Nose Ridge. American demolition teams blow up dug-in Japanese. Aviation engineers build an airstrip on Anguar. 2. A bitumen surface is laid down by Canadian engineers as an airport runway over a former wheat field in France. 3. Battle of Aachen: The city of Aachen is shelled by 155mm howitzers after Germans reject an American ultimatum to evacuate the city October 18th. American armored units push through the middle of Aachen. American infantrymen in house-to-house fighting October 19th. The Germans capitulate October 20th. 4. Japanese Americans of the 7th Army prepare for and take part in the battle for Bunyers October 14th. 5. The second contingent of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force reaches the Italian front October 9th. 6. Preparations for Philippine Invasion: Navy carrier-based planes prepare for strikes on Japanese positions. Navy fighters take off from carrier flight decks for bombing and strafing missions over the island of Mindanao. Carrier-based planes raid the Ryukyus October 10th. Close-ups of landing techniques and plane-handling crews in actions as fighters return from their missions. 7. General MacArthur prepares to return to the Philippines as he boards the light cruiser Nashville. Preliminary naval bombardment of Leyte by elements of the US 3rd and 7th fleets and an Australian squadron. The first waves of infantry hit the beach on the east coast of Leyte. General MacArthur wades ashore at Leyte. The 96th Infantry outflanks the Japanese and captures Dulag. Philippine President Sergio Osmeņa speaks at a post-invasion ceremony. USA, 1944, B&W, 28 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

Combat Bulletin Number 5 (Battle of Aachen) (VHS Tape)
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