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Combat Bulletin Number 9 (Attack on Hill 2380) (VHS Tape) -

Combat Bulletin Number 9
(Attack on Hill 2380)

1. B-24s of the 307th Bomber Group Luzon Invasion Convoy bomb Nichols and Nielson airfields in the Philippines January 7th. 2. US forces capture Baguio, Philippines April 27th. 3. Attack on Hill 2380: Ground-to-air radio communication between infantry and A-20s (strafing, napalm and parachute demolition bombing) in the attack on Hill 2380. Radio co-ordination of artillery and infantry. 4. Activities in the Philippines: US P-38s drop napalm and firebombs on Japanese troops and supplies in Northern Luzon. US A-20s strafe Japanese fortified mountain positions. American personnel display captured Japanese mortars. US Thunderbolts, Lightnings and Mustangs pound the Manila waterworks. 5. US infantry units clean up remaining Japanese on Corregidor. US forces capture Japanese suicide boats. General MacArthur raises the American flag at a ceremony on Corregidor. 6. US engineers use gasoline to burn out dug-in Japanese in Manila harbor. 7. Action on Northern Luzon: Filipino guerrillas fight Japanese in the Cagayan Valley. US forces collect Japanese prisoners. USA, 1945, B&W, 28 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY


Combat Bulletin Number 9 (Attack on Hill 2380) (VHS Tape)
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