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Combat Bulletin Number 10 ( MacArthur returns to Luzon) (VHS Tape) -

Combat Bulletin Number 10
(MacArthur returns to Luzon)

1. Attack on Manila Bay: Carrier-based planes of the US Third Fleet attack Japanese shipping in Manila Bay November 13th and 14th, airfields on Luzon Island and the Cavite naval base. 2. First landings on Luzon: US invasion of Northern Luzon. MacArthur returns to Luzon. 3. Action on the Western Front: General Patton's Third Army compresses the Bulge on January 10th. 4. Alsace Front: US demolition crews blow up a bridge and blockhouse. 5. 106 B-17s drop 260 tons of bombs on Merkeville and its oil refinery August 3rd. 6. British carrier-based planes launch an attack on Sumatra. Avengers, Fireflies and Seaflies strike on oil refinery. Japanese planes strafe the British carrier force. British planes return to their carriers. 7. Celebes Strike: 12 B-25s bomb and strafe Japanese supply and dispersal areas near Sidate airfield December 29th. B-25s flying at 75 feet drop 12 hundred-pound parademolition-type bombs on Celebes. 8. Activities in China: Maintenance unites salvage aircraft at Kunming airbase. US engineers reconstruct Liuchow airbase after it has been cleared of mines. 9. Service troops arrive at Manila: First transfer of troops from Europe to the Pacific. US transport ships bring 4,300 American troops (mostly black). 10. An anti-sub mortar is found on a damaged Japanese freighter in Naha harbor, Okinawa. 11. US Third Fleet warships shell Kamaishi, Japan. USA, 1945, B&W, 27 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

Combat Bulletin Number 10 ( MacArthur returns to Luzon) (VHS Tape)
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