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Combat Bulletin Number 13 (Action in Okinawa) (VHS Tape) -

Combat Bulletin Number 13
(Action in Okinawa)

1. Action in Okinawa: US Marines drive to clear the northern section of Okinawa. A US fighter takes out a Japanese plane after a short dogfight. Elements of the 1st and 6th Marine Divisions encounter scattered Japanese resistance during their drive north. Bombing of Okinawa by land and ship-based planes softens up Japanese resistance. Elements of the 382nd Infantry, 96th Division attack Japanese position on Table Top Ridge. US forces flush out and blow up hillside caves. Flamethrowing tanks of the 713th Tank Battalion lead the attack on Sawtooth Ridge. Tanks teams (composed of armor and infantry units) lead the charge on Rocky Crag Ridge. A US tank is hit, and the wounded men are evacuated under fire. US personnel inspect captured Japanese defenses (concrete pillboxes, tunnels and tank traps) in the hills and ridges of Okinawa. A plane carrying Admiral Nimitz and Marine General Vandergrift arrives at an Okinawa airport. Nimitz and Vandergrift take an inspection tour of Okinawa, and visit the 77th Division and 107th Army headquarters. 2. 300 Japanese stage a surprise attack on Seabees on the western shores of Okinawa March 26th. 3. The 592nd Amphibious Engineers move in for a landing on Carabao Island. 4. Demonstrations of American tanks overcoming tank obstacles. 5. Allied anti-aircraft guns shoot down a Nazi V-1 over Antwerp. 6. Airborne Supply Base: A C-47 is loaded for an air drop. The 490th Quartermaster Depot Company in action in England. 7. The last great air raid on Germany: RAF bombers drop 1000- and 1400-pound bombs on Helgoland and Berchtesgaden. The capture of Raman; the first up-close look at the vaunted German U-boat pen. American personnel capture their first undamaged German jet fighter: the ME-262. The historic link-up of US and Russian forces at the Elbe; a patrol of the 69th Infantry meet Russian troops at a blown-up bridge at Torgau April 25th . Major General Reinhart at an official ceremony April 26th. 8. Fall of Rangoon: Elements of the 50th British/Indian Parachute Regiment board C-47s at Akyab Island May 1st for the invasion of Rangoon. The British 26th Infantry board LSTs at Rumree in preparation for an amphibious invasion of Rangoon. The invasion is unopposed. The 26th Infantry enters Rangoon and frees 1400 POWS. 9. Battle for Naha: Marine artillery supports the first crossing of the Osata River. Flamethrowers lead the attack on cave-infested Sugarloaf Hill. Tank retrievers in action under fire. A Sherman tank is hit by a land mine. Navy planes and Marine artillery bomb Japanese positions on Naha. 10. Borneo Invasion: American P-38s strafe the point of the invasion, Tarakan beach. Australian demolition and sapper teams clear the beach of enemy obstructions. Australian forces supported by US and Royal Australian Navy guns hit the beach at Tarakan. USA, 1945, B&W, 34 minutes.

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Combat Bulletin Number 13 (Action in Okinawa) (VHS Tape)
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