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Masters of Ceremony (by Ray & Josephine Cowdery) -

Masters of Ceremony
(by Ray & Josephine Cowdery)

An 8-1/2 x 11 inch size book, with a laminated three color cover. 128 pages containing over 140 two page, full page and half page Heinrich Hoffmann photographs taken at the two most spectacular Nazi ceremonies ever staged. This new book combines the photos from two Hoffman books ParteitagGrossdeutschland (Party Day Greater Germany) and Ein Volkehrt seinemFührer (A People Honors Their Führer) . The historically significant photo content of the original Hoffmann books has not been altered in anyway. Every original German language photo caption is still there, supplemented by an accurate English language photo caption. Although the Nazis held a Reichs Party Day late each summer in Nürnberg, the Reichs Party Day Greater Germany in September 1938 was by far the biggest and most elaborate ever staged. Because of the war with Poland in the following year the 1938 Party Day was also the last ever held. Modern electronic technology has allowed us to reproduce the original Hoffmann photographs in perfect detail. Hitler's architect Albert Speer, illuminated his famous cathedral of light at the 1938 Reichs Party Day Grossdeutschland by pointing hundreds of searchlights skyward after dark. Hoffmann's photographs of the event document the sensation created by the world's first light show. Another amazing night-time photo depicts the march of 80,000 Nazi Political Leaders carrying torches, as they wound their way through the streets of Nürnberg. MASTERS OF CEREMONY carefully documents a celebration designed to overshadow all other celebrations -Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday parade in Berlin on 20 April 1939. The day had been declared a national holiday and hundreds of thousands of Berliners poured into the streets to see the military review consisting of over 50,000 soldiers, their vehicles and full equipment as they marched past their Führer. Dignitaries and well-wishers poured into the city in advance of the big day. Berlin was awash in red, white, black and gold trappings for the festivities. The parade began with a review of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler at the Reichskanzlei on Wilhelmstrasse and ended many, many hours later when the last soldier passed the Hitler reviewing stand across from the Technische Hochschule. Personalities shown close-up in the Hoffmann photos include Hess, Streicher, von Schirach, Goebbels, Messerschmitt, Porsche, Todt, Göring, Scholz-Klink, Ley, Himmler, Dietrich, von Ribbentrop, etc. Softbound, 128 pages, 8.5 x 11 inch size.

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Masters of Ceremony (by Ray & Josephine Cowdery)
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