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Look To Germany (by Stanley McClatchie) -

Look To Germany (by Stanley McClatchie)

The book Look to Germany was written by American Stanley McClatchie in 1936 and first published by Adolf Hitler's photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann in 1937. Young McClatchie, a member of a wealthy and well-known Southern California family, had lived in Germany prior to the Nazi ascent to power in January 1933. Returning to Germany at the time of the Olympics in 1936, McClatchie found himself very impressed by the consolidation of political power that Hitler had engineered, and by the industrial, technical and social revolution that had taken place in Germany under the Nazis. In Look to Germany McClatchie describes and depicts in 300 photos the new Germany with which he was so impressed. He knew and wrote that Look to Germany would be seen as Nazi propaganda by many, and it certainly was. When World War II began American owners of English language editions of the book discarded them in an effort to avoid the appearance of being Nazi sympathizers and unpatriotic. After the war the book was considered dangerous by the victorious Allies and de-Nazification Commissions sought them out for destruction. Original examples of Look to Germany are very scarce and if they can be located they are extremely expensive. Publication of this replica of the rare original English language edition assures that those who wish to read it will be able to locate a copy.

Softbound, 248 pages, over 300 photos, 8.5 x 11 inch size.

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Look To Germany (by Stanley McClatchie)

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