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Der Kdf Wagen: The Strength Thru Joy Car (Book) -

Der Kdf Wagen: The Strength Thru Joy Car

A splendid, faithful reproduction of the extremely scarce 1939 German Kleiner Prospekt’’ or small brochure designed to sell consumers on the original Volkswagen, the ,,Kraft durch Freude’’ (KdF or “Strength Through Joy”) car. The most beautifully illustrated of the pre-war VW brochures, this one contains an excellent full-page, full-color illustration of a man in front of a typical Nazi Siedlungshaus admiring the new ,,Käfer’’ (Beetle) while a small boy playing with a canon on the opposite side takes time to do the same. The text carefully explains the available body styles of the car as well as its origins (the Will of the Führer), design, testing, accessories and specifications. It emphasizes the small space needed to park the car, its economical operation, large capacity and durability. Charts near the back of the brochure show the new Volkswagen to be perfectly at home on steep mountain grades or roaring along the Reichsautobahn at 100 kilometers per hour (66 miles per hour). Other drawings depict braking distance, acceleration time and turning radius. There is an insigne on the back cover of the KdF element of the Nazi Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front) which was responsible for the manufacture of the Volkswagen. The bound-in American language translation is on the first and last pages just inside the front and back covers, so that it can be removed without damaging the contents of this reproduction of the original color brochure. Full-color throughout. USA, 2002, Soft Bound 12 page, Booklet 16 iliustrations with English translations 7¾ x11 Color

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Der Kdf Wagen: The Strength Thru Joy Car (Book)
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