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Reichsparteitag 1938 ‘Grossdeutschland’ (National Party Day 1938 ‘Grossdeutschland’) (BOOK) -

Reichsparteitag 1938 ‘Grossdeutschland’ (National Party Day 1938 ‘Grossdeutschland’)

The 'Reichsparteitage' (National Party Days) were, in the first place, great military style shows of different political themes with demonstrations and processions of hundreds of thousands of the NS Party faithful. Almost resembling the celebration of a religious service, the intended effect was mass intoxication through force or will. Each 'Parteitag' stood under a motto, and in 1938 it was the idea of Grossdeutschland (Greater Germany), after the re-unification with Austria and the Sudetenland. Until this day, an NSDAP Parteitag could not not be shown in large impressive color photos. Now, for the first time in full color are the demonstrations, parades, torchlit processions, etc., from the SA, SS, Hitler Youth, BDM, Reichsarbeitsdienst (German Labor Service), Party Officials, and the four branches of the Armed Forces, as well as portraits of the leading politicians like Hitler, Goebbels, Hierl, Todt, and many others, all shown in brilliant full color.

8.5 x 12 inches, Hardcover, 160 pages, over 100 photos - 75 in full color. German text with English photo caption summary enclosure.

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Reichsparteitag 1938 ‘Grossdeutschland’ (National Party Day 1938 ‘Grossdeutschland’) (BOOK)

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