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Stuka Ace Hans Ulrich Rudel Book -

Stuka Ace Hans Ulrich Rudel Book

(Stuka-As Hans-Ulrich Rudel) Although considered obsolete after the Battle of Britain, the dreaded Stuka dive bomber, one of the most famous aircraft of all time, was given new life on the Eastern Front by the innovations of pilots like the most highly decorated German warrior of WW 2, Hans Ulrich Rudel, who made 2,530 operational flights, and in the process, personally destroyed 519 tanks, 150 gun emplacements, 800 combat vehicles, and one battleship. For this, Hitler awarded Rudel the Golden Oak Leaves to the Knight's Cross. In color and B&W photographs, many previously unpublished, this album chronicles Rudelís and the Stukaís tandem careers.

Germany, 2005, Hardcover, 160 pages, over 150 color and B&W photos, German with English Photo Caption Summary.

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Stuka Ace Hans Ulrich Rudel Book
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