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The Earth Belongs To Us -

The Earth Belongs To Us

Czech & Russian Revolutionary Songs. Tracks include:
  • Internacionála (Internationale);
  • Pochod rudych námorníku (Red mariners' march);
  • Kupredu, zpátky ni krok (Ahead, not a step back);
  • Smer Praha (Prague's direction);
  • Se zpevem a smíchem (With singing and smiling);
  • Hej, sinko vychodí (Hey, there is a sunrise);
  • Rozkvetly den (Heyday);
  • Vpred smele soudruzi (Ahead, fearless comrades);
  • Kamaradi (Companions);
  • Svet patrí nam (The Earth belongs to us);
  • Ysichni jsme mladí (Young we are all);
  • Partyzánská (Partisan's song);
  • Dubinuska (Doubinushka);
  • Katusa (Katjuscha);
  • Vezenská (Song of prisoners);
  • Mládeznická (Song of youth);
  • Pochod demokratické mládeze (March of democratic youth);
  • Písen práce (Song of work);
  • Pochod padlych revolucionáru (March of fallen revolutionaries);
  • Marseillaisa (Marseillaise)

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    The Earth Belongs To Us

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