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Robert F Kennedy: In His Own Words (CD) -

Robert F Kennedy: In His Own Words CD

He was called “The Second-Most Powerful Man in America”. Now relive the authentic thoughts and words of the brilliant Robert F. Kennedy. This historical compilation includes his dramatic address to the Democratic National Convention, his feelings on violence and the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., his victory speech in Los Angeles-the night of his assassination-and more. Also included: a fold-out biography and printed account of the stories behind each speech.

This historical compilation includes highlights of the following live recordings.


  1. Democratic Convention 8/27/64
  2. University of Mississippi 3/18/66
  3. Citizens Union 12/14/67
  4. Announcement for President 3/16/68
  5. University of Kansas 3/18/68
  6. Press Conference 4/01/68
  7. Death of MLK Jr. 4/04/68
  8. Violence 4/05/68
  9. Primary Victory 6/04/68
  10. Eulogy-Sen. Edward Kennedy 6/08/68
USA, 1995, 40 minutes.

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Robert F Kennedy: In His Own Words (CD)
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