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Harry S. Truman: "Give "Em Hell, Harry" CD -

Harry S. Truman: "Give "Em Hell, Harry" CD

This historical compilation of live recordings include the highlights of the following memorable speeches:

1. Joint Session of Congress 4/16/45
2. Victory in Europe 5/08/45
3. Atomic Bomb 8/06/45
4. Victory in Japan 8/14/45
5. Nomination Acceptance Speech 7/15/48
6. Campaign Remarks 9/19/48
7. Victory Celebration 11/03/48
8. Inaugural Address 1/20/49
9. U.S. Policy in Asia 4/11/51
10. Columbia Scholastic Press Assoc. 3/15/52
11. Withdrawing from Campaign 3/29/52
12. Farewell Address 1/15/53

Total Running Time: 65:29

[CD] Compact Audio Disk

Harry S. Truman: "Give "Em Hell, Harry" CD
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