Chuck Berry: In the 1950's CD

Chuck Berry: In the 1950's CD

Chuck Berry: In the 1950's CD
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He was 29 and had a string of criminal convictions before he made his first record, but the man christened Charles Edward Anderson Berry must have been pre-destined to become the best songwriter of the Rock n'Roll era, how else could such an unlikely candidate achieve so much? Chuck's finest work came between 1955 when he signed a deal with Chess Records and his 1961 incarceration. This 3 CD set features every track Chuck made or played on during this era. The set includes deluxe 'oysterbox' packaging and 20 page booklet with extensive notes by R&B and Jazz expert Charles Waring.

USA, 199 min., 3 AUDIO CD SET, 65 songs, 5 interviews.

[CD] Compact Audio Disk

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