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Die Waffen-SS Alte Kameraden Singen! -

Die Waffen-SS
Alte Kameraden Singen!

One of the finest & most powerful recordings of close-harmony SS-Marschlieder in their true and unaccompanied form a cappella... After the Second World War, twenty former soldiers drawn from elite units of the Waffen-SS came together to record some of the most famous German military marching songs, longingly recalled from their days as Adolf Hitler's 'Asphalt Soldiers'. Now older, but with voices strong & true and with shared memories as Germany's finest combat troops stemming the Russian hordes on the Eastern Front and taking on the might of the Allied Forces in Normandy still just as vivid, these upright Waffen-SS veterans once again recreate some of the finest and evocative Marschlieder as would have been sung on the march! Waffen-SS Veterans Soldatenchor Minden. Now this long hidden ultra-rare recording has been digitally re-mastered by the kind permission of the SS-Soldatenchor Minden in Germany.

Die Waffen-SS Alte Kameraden Singen! offers 14 of the finest heart-rending & emotional recordings of such famous songs as Wenn alle untreu werden...Märkische Heide...Der junge Fähnrich...Gute Nacht Kameraden...Argonnerlied...Infanterie, du bist die Krone aller Waffen...Westerwaldlied...Wir ziehen unsere Strasse, plus the complete version of one of the most widely requested German Korps songs, 'Ob's sturmt oder schneit', (better known as the 'Panzerlied'), the song that will for ever be associated with Warner Brothers' classic movie 'The Battle of the Bulge'....

All tracks are performed in a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).


1. Ein Heller und ein Batzen … 4:15
2. Westerwaldlied … 3:16
3. Es ist so schön, Soldat zu sein … 4:11
4. Wildganse rauschen durch die Nacht … 1:47
5. Der junge Fähnrich … 2:54
6. Wir ziehen unsere Strasse … 2:17
7. Argonnerwald um Mitternacht … 2:48
8. Ich bin ein freier Wildbretschutz … 3:35
9. Märkische Heide … 3:25
10. Frühmorgens wenn die Hähne kräh’n … 4:13
11. Infanterie, du bist die Krone … 2:11
12. Ob’s sturmt oder schneit ….2:42
13. Gute Nacht Kameraden … 0:59
14. Wenn alle untreu warden … 2:12

United Kingdom, 2004, 40 minutes.

[CD] Compact Audio Disk


Die Waffen-SS Alte Kameraden Singen!
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