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Korea: The Forgotten War  DVD -

Korea: The Forgotten War (DVD)

  • Vol. 1 - The First Forty Days
  • Vol. 2 - The Turning of the Tide
  • Vol. 3 - The New War
  • Vol. 4 - Retreat and Dig In
  • Vol. 5 - The 38th Parallel
  • Vol. 6 - Ridgway's War
  • Vol. 7 - The Peace Saga 50th Anniversary Edition Featuring: New Film Footage - Additional Veteran Interviews New Narration - New Music, Witness dramatic moments from the earliest bloody and brutal days of the U.S. intervention in 1950, often surpassing even the toughest battles in United States history, to the historical Armistice Treaty in 1953.

    B&W/Color, Total Running Time 3 Hours.

    [DVD] NTSC Region 1 encoding (US and Canada Only)

    Korea: The Forgotten War DVD

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