WW2 - Eyewitness To War (DVD)

WW2 - Eyewitness To War (DVD)

WW2 - Eyewitness To War (DVD)
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Report From the Aleutians
"Report from the Aleutians" is legendary director John Huston's first documentary film and was nominated for an Academy Award. It lays out the struggle of the United States Armed Forces against the relentless power of nature and the Empire of Japan in the Northern Pacific.

Eyewitness to War
The Liberation of France In "Eyewitness to War" we take a look at America's legendary war correspondents. This documentary records the daily life and conditions encountered by the intrepid men and women who reported on the Allies campaign to liberate France.

The Last Bomb
Fly with the B-29 bombers and their escort of P-51 fighters on their exhausting and dangerous missions over the Pacific. This critically acclaimed documentary details the final aerial campaign of WWII against the home islands of Japan.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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