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Guns Of The Wehrmacht 1933-45 DVD -

Guns Of The Wehrmacht 1933-45 DVD

The effectiveness of itís artillery arm was one of the dominating features of the German army on the battlefields of the Western Front in the first World War. The expertise and technology that had made it so effective in that conflict were never lost, so that when re-armament began in Germany in 1933, following the Nazi accession to power, the ground was already laid for the rapid expansion of artillery of all types for the new Wehrmacht.While never acquiring the glamour of the Panzer arm, the guns of the Wehrmacht were nevertheless instrumental in serving the German armed forces in victory and defeat through to 1945.

Extras: • Interactive menus
• Scene selection
• Previews

United Kingdom, 2006, B&W, 54 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 1 encoding (US and Canada Only)

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Guns Of The Wehrmacht 1933-45 DVD
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