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The Battle For North Africa DVD -

The Battle For North Africa DVD

The war for control of North Africa began on September 13, 1940, when Italian troops invaded Egypt. It ended on May 13, 1943, with the surrender of Axis forces in Tunisia. For two and a half years Axis and allied armies seesawed across North Africa in what was the most volatile theatre of operations in World War II. The war had two distinct phases. The war in the eastern desert pitted Italian and later Rommel's Afrika Corp against British forces in Egypt. The second phase began with the landing in Northwest Africa by allied forces on November 8, 1942.

Episode 1: The War in the Eastern Desert
Episode 2: The War in the Western Desert

United Kingdom, 2003, B&W, 105 minutes

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

The Battle For North Africa DVD

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