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The Battle For Vimy Ridge DVD -

The Battle For Vimy Ridge DVD

Four days and 10,000 casualties later, the Canadians stun the world by seizing Vimy Ridge in one of World War Ones most successful and brilliantly planned offensives. With Canadians now established as fighters of renown, the Canadian Corps under General Currie found itself used increasingly as the shock troops of the allied forces, with the distinct irony of having the most professional army in the world so terrorized by the most civilian. This feature length documentary traces the Canadian Corps adventures through the murderous Battle of the Somme, ending with the seizing the seemingly impregnable Vimy Ridge. The logistics of this battle, not only won renown for Canada, but also accomplished a fundamentally important strategic breakthrough of the German line are drawn in detail. Emphasized in the course of the story are some of the practices that gave General Currie his reputation for meticulous preparation and rehearsal of every event; his concern for his men, preferring to sacrifice equipment rather than soldiers; and his development of tactics ultimately imitated by the rest of the allied forces: the flexible platoon system, the creeping barrage. We are made to realize as well that more than those going over the top represented the war effort. Sympathetic glimpses are provided as well of the different elements of the combined Canadian effort: the flyers, the observers, the medical staff, the engineers and tunnel diggers; the work battalions. Among the most dramatic moments recounted is one of a battle saved by the heroism of one of those non-combat units.

Produced in co-operation with the National Film Board of Canada and WIC Entertainment Ltd. Calgary Television.

Canada, 1997, B&W/Color 120 Minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)


The Battle For Vimy Ridge DVD

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