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Clothing as a Weapon (Vasiliev) Self Defense DVD -

Clothing as a Weapon (Vasiliev) Self Defense DVD

Systema, a dynamic and practical fighting art of the special operatives, provides you with another brilliant weapon of self defense. It’s the weapon for which you need no permits, no ammunition and no special training; you’ve been wearing it for years – your clothing. Your best weapon is the one that is always close and convenient to apply, it seems harmless to the attackers, yet is unexpectedly powerful. Learn instant takedowns, escapes, rolls and twists out of a jacket, ways to have clothing magnify the impact of pain compliance, strikes and chokes, conceal your punches, kicks and knife draws, implement your own and your attackers’ clothing for smooth, calm and devastating control. Whether you are a professional or civilian, expand your arsenal of options. Zip up your jacket and learn from the best.

Canada, 2012, Color, 60 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Clothing as a Weapon (Vasiliev) Self Defense DVD

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