Bismarck-Class & Panzerschiffe DVD

Bismarck-Class & Panzerschiffe DVD

Bismarck-Class & Panzerschiffe DVD
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Product Description

The famous Bismarck and Tirpitz battleships were two of the most advanced and revered ships in the history of naval warfare. These giants of the naval world displaced over 50,000 tons and their arsenal contained over 70 large cannons, including eight 38 cm guns. Watch these maritime heavyweights in action, from their launch and basic training to operations in the open ocean.

Also featured are the Panzerschiffe (Armor Plated Ships) of the Deutschland Class, sporting 28 cm cannons. Original rare and unseen archive footage, two bonus films, and three original picture galleries make this the ideal purchase for history and maritime enthusiasts.

United Kingdom, 2012, Color/B&W, 60 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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