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Guderian's Tanks DVD -

Guderian's Tanks DVD

General Colonel Heinz Guderian is highly respected as the expert visionary, creator, and designer behind many of Germany's most iconic tanks. Also a brilliant strategist, he developed the attack tactics of the German Tanks Divisions. The key successes in the campaigns against Poland, France, the Balkans, and, from 1941/42, in the Soviet Union and North Africa can be credited to the Panzer troops set up by Guderian. Panzer I, the King Tiger (TIGER II), and the Panther, as well as various assault guns, Tank Hunter vehicles, and self-propelled guns are just a small selection of the many fascinating Wehrmacht vehicles featured in this film, using original German archive footage.

United Kingdom, 2013, Color/B&W, 104 minutes, Special 2 Disc Edition.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)


Guderian's Tanks DVD

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