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Street Crime and Knife in a Fight DVD -

Street Crime and Knife in a Fight DVD

Filmed at the famous Systema Camps in Canada, "Street Crime" uncovers 3 categories of street crime: Pickpockets, Snatchers and Harassers. With expertise and enthusiasm, Konstantin Komarov teaches how to sense danger, understand the mentality of a thief and read the signs of a looming robbery. Learn how the criminal picks his victim and witness the drills to foresee and prevent becoming a victim yourself. 45 Minutes.

"Knife in a Fight": Knife attacks in a real fight are fierce, high-speed and terrifying. They can blast unexpectedly and are horrific to the victim. Vladimir Vasiliev reveals how to develop blade awareness, overcome the shock of unexpected stabs, disarm a cutting and stabbing blade at any distance and position. Easy-to-practice drills are vital for professionals dealing with violence, martial artists and anyone wishing to survive and prevail in a knife fight. 45 Minutes.

Canada, 2013, Color, Two Films on one DVD, Total running time 90 Minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Street Crime and Knife in a Fight DVD

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