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The First World War: The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set -

The First World War: The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set

Critically acclaimed 10-part TV Documentary Series based on the book by Professor Hew Strachan. Produced and narrated by Jonathan Lewis.

The First World War is a powerful, original and truly comprehensive account of the conflict. It places the war in a truly global military context as never before, exploring many of the little known campaigns, battles and actions as well as the better known conflict on the Western Front. The series combines previously unseen footage from newly accessible archives in Central and Eastern Europe with exclusive film of many of the battlefields as they are today, studies of key participants and weaponry, and diary entries and letters home from soldiers, officers and commanders. On the centenary of the start of this terrible conflict, this special edition ten-part series offers a stunning account of the war, presenting new insights into one of the defining events of modern history.

To Arms 1914
The complex origins of the Great War, and how seemingly insignificant local tensions in the Balkans exploded into World War

Under the Eagle 1914 - 1915
The German invasion of Belgium and France was brutal and fanned the flames of war

Global War 1914 - 1916
The European Empires clashed all across the world, from the South Atlantic Seas to the plains of Africa

Jihad 1914 - 1916
The Turkish Ottoman Empire proved a formidable foe, as Allies found to their cost at Gallipoli and in the Middle East

Shackled to a Corpse 1914 - 1916
As the Germans and Austrians clashed with the Russians on the bitter Eastern Front, Italy became embroiled in a terrible slaughter

Breaking the Deadlock 1915 - 1917
The Somme and Verdun saw carnage on an unprecedented scale, as armies fought to break the stalemate on the Western Front

Blockade 1916 - 1917
The war at sea was every bit as bitter as the war on land. The battle at Jutland proved inconclusive, but the U-Boat menace threatened Britain as never before. Meanwhile America entered the war.

Revolution 1917
The effects of The Great War shattered nations, inspired mass mutinies by desperate troops, caused great upheaval on the home front and changed the world forever.

Germany's Last Gamble 1918
Over 1 million German troops were committed to Kaiserschlacht - the last great offensive of the war, while conflict still raged on many other fronts

War Without End
The dramatic Allied victory at Amiens led to victory in just 100 days and the signing of a bitterly resented peace, while other nations stumbled towards their own ceasefire agreements

3 DVD Boxed Set, United Kingdom, 2003, B&W/Color, 500 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)


The First World War: The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set

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