Zulu DVD (Michael Caine)

Zulu DVD (Michael Caine)

Zulu DVD (Michael Caine)
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Product Description

Zulu is a thrilling account of one of history's fiercest battles! As a terrifying war chant echoes across the majestic African plains, 4000 Zulu tribesmen rise up from the tall grass that hides them. Furiously beating their swords against their shields, the warriors descend upon a small garrison of English soldiers. "Usuto! Usuto! (Kill! Kill!)," they cry as they launch into a battle with the vastly outnumbered English militia who must manifest incredible skill and incomparable bravery just to survive.

Starring Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins and Michael Caine. Narrated by Richard Burton. Directed by Cy Endfield.

USA, 1964, Color, 135 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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