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Great American Railroads (VHS Tape) -

Great American Railroads

7 VHS Box Set: Vol.1 The Transcontinental Railroad; Vol.2 Nickel Plate Story, Milestones of Progress, Railroads and National Defense; Vol.3 The Big Train, Fast freight; Vol.4 Operation Reading, 225,000 Mile Proving Grounds, On The Track; Vol.5 Easy Does It, Something for Everybody, Coast to Coast; Vol.6 Ichabod, End of An Era, Thundering Rails; Vol.7 Train Wrecks & Stories, Tomorrow's Railroad, Progress on the Rail. Though slanted from the railroad companies' viewpoint, this impressive video collection provides history and nostalgia for an extinct way of life where passenger coaches and services were copied from the plush grand hotels of the era, including barber, valet, and maid service! 7 VHS Box Set, B&W/Color, Total Running Time: Approximately 6 Hours.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC only

Great American Railroads (VHS Tape)
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