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Ieskome Klaksonu (Hunting For Jalopies) (VHS Tape) -

Ieskome Klaksonu (Hunting For Jalopies)

This delightful focus on members of the Kaunas Auto Club Rieduva gives us a rare glimpse of the champion drivers and auto collectors of pre-World War II Lithuania. By combining scenes of classic old cars and beautiful young fashion models, this witty, fast-paced film captures both the mood of Lithuania's past and the spirit of its present inhabitants. We meet the country's aging motorcycle champion of 1930, as well as young winner who works at restoring classic models. Throughout it all soars the lilting voice of Sabaniauskas, the darling of the era whose music set the tone for all Lithuania in the 20s and helps make this film an especially poignant experience. Lithuania, 1981, directed by Laima Pangonyte, B/W, 10 minutes, sound, Lithuanian dialogue, no subtitles.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

Ieskome Klaksonu (Hunting For Jalopies) (VHS Tape)
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