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Josephine Baker: J’ai Deux Amours (CD) -

Josephine Baker: J’ai Deux Amours

Chanteuse, cabaret star, and cause célèbre, Josephine Baker (1906-1975) was born in St. Louis and made famous in Paris, while still in her teens. Called "the Most Beautiful of Panthers," she captivated audiences with performances that were both humorous and seductive. Remastered from original recordings, the songs here show-off Josephine in all her glory.

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Tracks include:
1. J'ai deux amours
2. Dis mois Josephine
3. Si j'etais blanche
4. Ram-pam-pam
5. C'est lui
6. Haiti
7. Sous le ciel d'Afrique
8. Espabilate
9. La petite tonkinoise
10. Pretty little baby
11. Suppose!
12. Sans Amour
13. Doudou
14. Partir sur un bateau tout blanc
15. Nuit d'Alger
16. La conga blicoti
17. Vous faite partie de moi
18. J'ai peur de rever
CD, 57 minutes.

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Josephine Baker: J’ai Deux Amours (CD)

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