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Malcolm X (VHS Tape) -

Malcolm X

Malcolm X was one of this century's most charismatic leaders, a man so complex and influential that his name still stirs argument 30 years after his murder. This program brings you his complete story, beginning with his childhood in the racist and segregated America of the Jazz Age and his early years as the Harlem hoodlum Detroit Red. You'll follow the future leader through his prison conversion and rise to prominence with the Nation of Islam, where he became a voice of hope for African-Americans. Interviews, photos and film footage reveal a life of continuous growth and change, a life cut short as greater possibilities seemed to be on the horizon. Take an in-depth look at the controversial man who shocked a nation out of comfortable complacency and whose boldness gave hope to millions of African Americans. USA, 1999, B&W/Color, 50 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC

Malcolm X (VHS Tape)

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