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Out of Print Videos and Specials

The videocassettes offered in the following catagories are new - in factory sealed original packaging. Since they are out of print (on moretorium), supply is limited - order today.

British Royalty Videos - Charles & Diana

Diana: A Portrait (British Royalty) (VHS Tape)
The Royal Wedding: The Prince of Wales and The Lady Diana Spencer (VHS Tape)
To The Queen Mother From Canada With Love (VHS Tape)
British Heritage Videos

Touring England (VHS Tape)
British Christmas

Family Christmas Carols From The Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Choral Society (VHS Tape)
Shakespeare / Literature

The Dylan Thomas. Trail. (VHS Tape)
Shakespeare's World. (VHS Tape)
The Six Wives Of Henry VIII. (Three Pack) (VHS Tape)
Henry V.(Keneth Branagh) (VHS Tape)
Cinematographic History Videos

American Civil War Videos

The Civil War : Chancellorsville : Rebel Victory, Rebel Loss, 1863 (VHS Tape)
Booker: The Inspiring Story of Booker T. Washington's Childhood (VHS Tape)
Civil War Battles (VHS Tape)
Gulf War Videos

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf: A Visual Biography (VHS Tape)
Part Of The Comprehensive Gulf War Series: The Air War (VHS Tape)
Part Of The Comprehensive Gulf War Series: The Road To War (VHS Tape)
Middle East: Cradle of Conflict (VHS Tape)
Vietnam War Videos

Platoon : Oliver Stone (VHS Tape)
Vietnam P.O.W.S: Stories of Survival (VHS Tape)
Military - WWII Videos

Colors Of War Vol4: Report from the Aleutians & WW2 Movie Newsreel (VHS Tape)
Masters of War: Battle For North Africa (VHS Tape)
Greatest Songs Of War Years (VHS Tape)
Private Snafu 7 Episodes (VHS Tape)
Aviation War Videos

Flight Path - Cold War (VHS Tape)
Strike Force (VHS Tape)
Weapons and Self Defense

Miscellaneous Videos

Only One Night (Ingrid Bergman) (VHS Tape)
The Crucible: Making Marines For The 21st Century (VHS Tape)
Intermezzo (VHS Tape)
Night To Remember (VHS Tape)
Pandora's Box (VHS Tape)
Home At Last (VHS Tape)
Martin Luther (VHS Tape)
John Wayne: Randy Rides Alone-The Train Beyond-Hell Town (VHS Tape)
A.J.'S Time Travelers (VHS Tape)
And The Children Shall Lead (VHS Tape)
Titanic Collection: Search for the Titanic & Return to the Titanic (VHS Tape)
Step Training Program by Debbie Ban (VHS Tape)
American Presidents (VHS Tape)
Apollo 11 (VHS Tape)
Natural Disasters & Man Made Catastrophes (VHS Tape)
Toutatis Doomsday Asteriod (VHS Tape)
Atomic Filmakers (VHS Tape)
St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland (VHS Tape)
Angel Stories One-True Encounters with Heavenly Hosts (VHS Tape)
Angel Stories Two-True Encounters with Heavenly Hosts (VHS Tape)
Napoleonic/Zulu/Battle of Trafalgar Wars

Waterloo-1815 Wellington's Victory (VHS Tape)
Napolean: 1812 The Road To Moscow (VHS Tape)
Zulu Wars-1879 The Disaster at Isandhlwana (VHS Tape)
Battle Of Waterloo (VHS Tape)
Rise of Hitler and Nazis

PAL Video Cassettes

Hitler's V Weapons (VHS Tape)
Heinkel He 111 (VHS Tape)
Seaplanes Of The Luftwaffe (VHS Tape)
The Gurkhas : Elite Fighting Forces (VHS Tape)
The French Foreign Legion : Elite Fighting Forces (VHS Tape)
The SAS : Elite Fighting Forces (VHS Tape)
Famous Authors : D.H.Lawrence : A Concise Biography (VHS Tape)
Famous Authors : The Bronte Sisters : A Concise Biography (VHS Tape)
Famous Authors : Jane Austen : A Concise Biography (VHS Tape)
Junkers Ju-87 Stuka (VHS Tape)
Messerschmitt Me 110 (VHS Tape)
Arado Ar 234 Blitz (VHS Tape)

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