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Intrigue And Love (Kabale Und Liebe) (VHS Tape) -

Intrigue And Love
(Kabale Und Liebe)

Luise, daughter of the town musician Miller, is in love with Ferdinand, the son of President von Walter. The President wants his son to marry the Duke's concubine, so that he will have a greater influence over the Duke. The lovers become victims of a secret intrigue. Ferdinand finally poisons himself and Luise. Superb acting in this film which is based on Schiller's drama. The film impresses by the monumental scenery and historical costumes. Wide-screen photography, DEFA's so-called totalvision, is used here for the very first time, with extraordinary impact. Directed by Martin Hellberg; featuring Wolf Kaiser, Otto Mellies, and Marion van de Kamp. East Germany, 1959, B&W, 109 minutes, German dialogue, English subtitles.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC only

Intrigue And Love (Kabale Und Liebe) (VHS Tape)
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