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Cocaine Fiends (VHS Tape) -

Cocaine Fiends

Cocaine Fiends was directed by William A. O'Connor. The film is about a small town girl who is lured to the big city by drug-running gangsters that turn her into a cocaine addict. Later her brother, now also in the big city, becomes addicted to cocaine and spends all of his time in a rat infested apartment with his drug-using girlfriend. To support their drug habits, the girlfriend turns to prostitution. When she discovers she is pregnant she turns on the gas jets to their stove and commits suicide. Includes drugs, sex and swing music, this movie is unintentionally hilarious! Featuring Lois January, Noel Madison. USA, 1938, B&W, 60 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC or PAL

Cocaine Fiends (VHS Tape)
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