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The Three Stooges (VHS Tape) -

The Three Stooges

For four decades, the Three Stooges ran amuck in a riotous frenzy of eye-poking, ear-slapping, kicks, jabs, punches and frying pans to the cranium. Now, this documetary offers fans of the Moronic Maestros a chance to relive the Golden Age of Stoogery. Through rare recordings, exclusive interviews, outtakes and behind-the-scenes antics, THE THREE STOOGES tells the pure, uncensored Stooge story from the early Shemp shuffles to the final days of Curly Joe, "the forgotten Stooge." Whether you're fascinated by the unrestrained id, or just enjoy the good, clean humor of pliers applied to the nose, you'll find something to love in this in-depth look at America's most beloved madcaps! USA, 2000, B&W/Color, 50 minutes.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC

The Three Stooges (VHS Tape)
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