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Reichschancellery In Berlin 1938-1945 (Book) -

Reichschancellery In Berlin 1938-1945

A New Book by Ray & Josephine Cowdery.
A complete illustrated history of Hitler's New Reichschancellery in Berlin, designed and built by super-architect Albert Speer in just 12 months. This book records a rare in-depth glimpse into the little-known palace that was for a few short years the seat of the most powerful secular ruler in the history of Europe.


  • a complete illustrated history of the New Reichschancellery
  • a room-by-room illustrated tour of the New Reichschancellery
  • an explanation of the function of the Reichschancellery
  • over 200 period and modern photographs and illustrations
  • over 75 full-color illustrations
  • 47 full-page illustrations
  • several maps and drawings
  • large colorful endpaper maps of Berlin
  • 11 x 28 inch foldout of plan, view, and sectional architectural drawings
  • the Chancellery at Berchtesgaden
  • an illustrated Bibliography
  • illustrated biographical information
  • Reichschancellery philatelic material
  • the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
  • destruction of the Reichschancellery

Hardcover, 128 pages, 8 3/4" x 11 1/4" with 75 full color illustrations, over 200 period photos and illustrations.

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Reichschancellery In Berlin 1938-1945 (Book)

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