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Svecias Is Kito Kaimo (The Other Villager) (VHS Tape) -

Svecias Is Kito Kaimo (The Other Villager)

The Other Villager features Lithuanian emigre artist Vytautas Jonynas during a return trip to his motherland. By unabashedly showing only the love he bears for his original culture and hinting at his remorse in exile, this film unwittingly shows how one-sidedly the Soviet filmmakers must present a complex situation. We see the immense honor and respect accorded Jonynas, and the ties he renews with old friends and former classmates who are now famous artists as well. But the reason he originally had to leave the Soviet Union, and why he continues to live in America, is never raised. Lithuania, 1982, directed by Laima Pangonyte, B&W, 10 minutes, sound, Lithuanian dialogue, no subtitles.

[VHS] Video Cassette available in NTSC ONLY

Svecias Is Kito Kaimo (The Other Villager) (VHS Tape)
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