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Thunder in the Sky - The Halifax Explosion (DVD) -

Thunder in the Sky - The Halifax Explosion (DVD)

December 6th, 1917. Shortly after 9 am, two ships collide in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia. One of them, the "Mont Blanc", carries thousands of tons of explosives destined to the War Front in Europe. Minutes later, it explodes. Thousands die instantly, thousands more are injured and one-fifth of the city is levelled. Until now, popular belief had rated this the second largest man-made explosion after the first atomic bomb. Historical footage, dramatic interviews with survivors, expert opionion, original songs and artwork. It's all here, in a unique interactive DVD Documentary from award winning filmmaker John Versteege. Canada, 2004, 100 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Thunder in the Sky - The Halifax Explosion (DVD)

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