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VHS Videocassettes

American Civil War

Poetry & Songs Of The Civil War 1861-1865 (VHS Tape)
American Radicalism - 1960's and 1970's

Salt Of The Earth (Hollywood 10) (VHS Tape)
Aviation History Military Videos

Lighter-Than-Air History Films
Vertical Flight Aircraft Films
Vietnam War Aviation Films
WW2 Allied Aviation History Films
Biographies on Videocassette

The Three Stooges (VHS Tape)
British History Videos

British Gardens Videos
British Transportation Videos
British Royalty Videos
Family Christmas Carols From The Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Choral Society (VHS Tape)
British Isles (VHS Tape)
British Documentary Movement
Cold War/Communism

Yankee Go Home: Communist Propaganda (Cold War/Communism) (VHS Tape)
Collectable Video Rarities

More Great Escapes Of WW 2 (VHS Tape)
Colonial Wars

Combat Bulletins and Staff Reports

Assorted US Government War Films Program 1 (Quebec Conference of Allied Nations) (VHS Tape)
Combat Bulletin Number 10 ( MacArthur returns to Luzon) (VHS Tape)
Combat Bulletin Number 13 (Action in Okinawa) (VHS Tape)
Combat Bulletin Number 15 (Lafayette Escadrille; Liberation of Paris) (VHS Tape)
Combat Bulletin Number 4 (The fight for Bloody Gulch) (VHS Tape)
Combat Bulletin Number 5 (Battle of Aachen) (VHS Tape)
Combat Bulletin Number 9 (Attack on Hill 2380) (VHS Tape)
Communist Propaganda Films

Soviet Military Videos
Vietnam War Videos
Foreign Films/Documentaries

Austrian Films
Czechoslovakian Films
French Films
Polish Films
USSR Russian Cinema
American Films
Israeli Films
Franco Prussian War

German Feature Films & Documentaries

Germany - Weimar Era Films
Germany - Post War Era
Germany - Third Reich Feature Films
DEFA East German Films
German Historical Documentaries
German Musicals featuring Schlager Music
Golden Age of Television

TV's Cops & Private Eyes (VHS Tape)
Highlights of the 20th Century

History of Flags

Flags Of The Nations: An Educational & Interesting Journey Around The Globe (VHS Tape)
Alabama To Wyoming: Flags Of The United States (VHS Tape)
Leaders and Politicians

Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford (VHS Tape)
Unrelenting Struggle: Speeches Of Winston Churchill (VHS Tape)
The Churchills (VHS Tape)
Lithuanian Films and Documentaries on Videocasette

Lithuanian Feature Films (Lithuanian Cinema)
Lithuanian Short Films and Documentaries
Lithuanian Song and Dance Festivals
Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus
Lithuanian Art and Music
Military Tattoo Videos

Nova Scotia International Tattoo - 1995 (Military Tattoo) (VHS Tape)
Nova Scotia International Tattoo - 1994 (Military Tattoo) (VHS Tape)
Nova Scotia International Tattoo - 1998 (Military Tattoo) (VHS Tape)
1999 Nova Scotia International Tattoo (Military Tattoo) (VHS Tape)
Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2001 Video (VHS Tape)
Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2002 (VHS Tape)
Military Weaponry/Elite Fighting Forces

Machine Guns (VHS Tape)
Clouds Of Death (Chemical Warfare) (VHS Tape)
The Crucible: Making Marines For The 21st Century (VHS Tape)
Tiger Attack! (VHS Tape)
Miscellaneous Videos

Price Of Freedom (VHS Tape)
A Day With The FBI - 1951 (VHS Tape)
World Trade Center Towers (VHS Tape)
Osama Bin Laden: In The Name Of Allah (VHS Tape)
The Gangsters: Bugsy, Dutch & Al The True Story of Bugsy Siegel, Dutch Schultz & Al Capone (VHS Tape)
Naval Military History Videos

A Day In Boot Camp (VHS Tape)
Abandon Ship (VHS Tape)
High-Altitude Ship Recognition (VHS Tape)
Sea Power (VHS Tape)
Out of Print Videos and Specials

British Royalty Videos - Charles & Diana
British Heritage Videos
British Christmas
Shakespeare / Literature
Cinematographic History Videos
American Civil War Videos
Gulf War Videos
Vietnam War Videos
Military - WWII Videos
Aviation War Videos
Weapons and Self Defense
Miscellaneous Videos
Napoleonic/Zulu/Battle of Trafalgar Wars
Rise of Hitler and Nazis
PAL Video Cassettes
Related Miscellany

A Hundred Years Underground (London Transport) (VHS Tape)
Intrigue And Love (Kabale Und Liebe) (VHS Tape)
Reefer Madness (VHS Tape)
Cocaine Fiends (VHS Tape)
The Great Desert Railroad Race (VHS Tape)
East Side Story (VHS Tape)
Enemy Of Women: An Exploitative Film About Joseph Goebbels And The Various Unfortunate Women In His Life (VHS Tape)
Soviet Aviation

Cossacks In The Sky (VHS Tape)
U.S. Space Exploration

Space Shuttle: A Remarkable Flying Machine (Columbia) (VHS Tape)
Vietnam War Films and Documentaries

The Anderson Platoon (Vietnam War) (VHS Tape)
Weapons and Self Defense

Russian Martial Art
WWI World War One Films on Videocassette

World War II - Allied Side Military History Films

A Scrap Of Paper (World War II) (VHS Tape)
George Stevens: D-Day To Berlin (World War II) (VHS Tape)
Canadian WWII Videos
On Your Own (WWII) (VHS Tape)
Frank Capra's "Why We Fight Series"
Great Blunders Of WW 2 (VHS Tape)
More Great Escapes Of WW 2 (VHS Tape)
Black History (African American's in World War 2)
WW2 - German Side, The Third Reich at War

Die Kriegsmarine Videos
German Wartime Newsreels (Die Deutsche Wochenschau)
The Russian Front, 1941-1945 (VHS Tape)
Third Reich In Color (VHS)

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