Der Feldzug In Polen (Campaign In Poland) DVD

Der Feldzug In Polen (Campaign In Poland) DVD

Der Feldzug In Polen (Campaign In Poland) DVD
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Product Description

During the Second World War the German Government produced foreign-language versions of some of their famous documentary films for export. These films were often screened by German minorities overseas to clarify the German point of view of the war and counter Allied propaganda against Germany. One of the first of these rare features is this English-language account of the German-Polish war of 1939. Who started this war? See the German's own answer, as the perfidious war conspiracies of the Poles, their unheroic military tactics and their senseless defense of surrounded Warsaw are all alleged in this most unusual campaign film.

Germany, 1939, B&W, 37 minutes, English Commentary.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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