Furlough on Word of Honor DVD
Red Storm Over the Village DVD
 Fateful Struggle DVD
Hands Up! DVD
Karl Ritter - 3 Book Set
 Stukas: Restored Luftwaffe WW2 Epic DVD (Karl Ritter)U-Boote Westwärts! DVD (U-Boats Westward!)

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Military, Political and Social History of the 20th Century

See the 20th century as it actually happened - its leaders, empires , wars and upheavals .
Over 1000 original newsreels, documentaries, feature films, recently-discovered Nazi and Soviet propaganda, including a wide range of German, Russian, British and American cinematic classics reproduced from original source materials. Established in 1977, International Historic Films, is a leading source of historically significant motion pictures for educators, historians and collectors, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

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