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Historical Essays and Reviews

See the 20th century as it actually happened - its leaders, empires , wars and upheavals .
Over 1000 original newsreels, documentaries, feature films, recently-discovered Nazi and Soviet propaganda, including a wide range of German, Russian, British and American cinematic classics reproduced from original source materials. Established in 1977, International Historic Films, is a leading source of historically significant motion pictures for educators, historians and collectors, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

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WWII  - The German Side -
WW2: The Allied Side -
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WWII - The German Side

Pre-War Nazi Germany, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, 20th Century Atrocities, CD's (Compact Disks), Books

WW2: The Allied Side

Aviation History, Naval History, United Newsreels DVDs

Latest Releases

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Through Enemy Eyes -
Post WW2 Era -
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Through Enemy Eyes

Go behind enemy lines on a journey that traces the rise and fall of German Military fortunes via authentic uncut newsreels.

Post WW2 Era

Cold War Communism, Communist Propaganda, Nuclear Holocaust
Yom Kippur War
Middle East War

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Prague '68: Summer of Tanks DVD - 50th Anniversary!

Spanish Civil War- 80th Anniversary!

German Features & Documentaries -
Vietnam War -
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German Features & Documentaries

CD's (Compact Disks)

Vietnam War

Know Your Enemy-
The Viet Cong

Vietnam/Communist Side

Best Sellers

The Dismissal DVD
Operation Michael DVD
Drumfire of the Western Front DVD

Foreign Features & Documentaries -
American Radicalism -
British Heritage -
Foreign Features & Documentaries

American Radicalism

British Heritage

European Royalty
British Gardens

Cinematographic History -
Weapons & Self-Defense -
Military Tattoo -
Cinematographic History

Weapons & Self-Defense

Weapons of War
Self Defense

Military Tattoo

Lithuanian Cinema -
CD's (Compact Disks) -
Golden Age of Television -
Lithuanian Cinema

CD's (Compact Disks)

Golden Age of Television

Space Exploration -
Books -
IHF Gift Certificates -
Space Exploration

Soviet Space/Aviation


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